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How to build wi-fi hotspot with your android phone

English: Novatel MiFi™ 2372 "Intelligent ...

English: Novatel MiFi™ 2372 “Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes! As the title says, building a wi-fi hotspot with your android phone. Now there is no need to download expensive software to build up a wi-fi hotspot or to purchase hardwares. It’s in your hand. With internet in your android phone, you are the king, you can share that internet with your iphone, ipad, laptop, PC , another android phone, or any other phone. You have the option to either make it public (which you don’t prefer) or you can have a secure connection.

Steps to setup a wi-fi hotpsot –

  1. Open the SETTING option in your android phone
  2. When you will scroll down you will see the option TETHERING AND PORTABLE WI-FI HOTSPOT
  3. Check the Option PORTABLE WI-FI HOTSPOT
  4. Now you are done.
  5. Enjoy the net connection and share it with other devices.

Note : This function is available ONLY in ANDROID PHONES

Please make sure, you have an active net connection and some operators may charge extra for having a wi-fi hotspot, and it also reduces battery very fast.

In PC make sure you have the Wi-fi card Installed or else it will not work.

In Other phones you enjoy net connection by activating wi-fi connection only, not bluetooth or any other.

If in any case you face difficulty or not working or need assistance, just comment, we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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