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2013 Upcoming Hot Gadgets

This is year, hold your breath because new gadgets are going to flood the market.

  1. Akash 3 : Third version on India’s cheapest tablet Akash. It comprises of one sim slot and will support more applications from android market. Will be available by Feb.
  2. Blackberry 10 : QNX inspired operating system based this blackberry phone will be available by end of jan. Some of the features are – Intelligent keyboard, blackberry  hub. It can be operated intuitive swipe gesture.
  3. Apple TV : Yes! Now apple is going to launch TV by the end of this year. It can be used with other apple devices as the main interface.
  4. iBerry Axsus Core X-4 : Quad-core axinos processor and Mali 400 graphics processor. And this tablet will support calling feature too.
  5. 5th Generation iPad : Probably in march apple may launch this product. With resolution equivalent to 4th generation iPad this tablet will have retina display and a bit new look.
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