Analytical Brain – III

Puzzle 3 :

  • A,B,C,D,E and F are six members of a group in which there are three female members. Females work in three departments – Accounts, Administration and Personnel and sit on three different floors – I, II and III. Persons working in the same departments are not on the same floor. On each floor two persons work.
  • No two ladies work in the same department or on the same floor. B and E work in the same department but not in Personnel. D works in Administration. E and A are on the I and III floors respectively and work in the same department. D, a lady, does not work on II floor. C , a man, works on I floor.

Questions :

  1. Which groups of persons are females ?
  2. Which pair works on II floor ?
  3. Which pair of persons works in administration ?
  4. F works in which department ?


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