Awesome Android Games

Hey, Since i own an android phone, so i could only share android apps. And again since a more like a gamer therefore i will first like to share few awesome, interesting and time killing games.

  1. Temple Run : Yes! The one which you used to play on iPhone is now available on android platform. Really awesome games, perfect balance between difficulty and controls. Easy control, nice sound and graphics are good too. Only thing which irritates, is that when you run half a mile and those ugly creatures gets you, you have to again start from beginning. But that’s ok, it’s awesome game.
  2. Paradise Island : I played this game for 16hrs. a day continuously for 15days, because after that i accidentally pressed the reset button. You will love this game if you like strategy games. In this game you will be given a barren island which you to convert into tourist attraction. You will be provided with everything from plants to coffee shops and lots of things. The only problem with this game is that, the time which is taken for various buildings to construct. For example, if you need to build a coffee shop you need to build a windmill, now constructing a windmill takes 3hrs. in real not in virtual world. Then coffee shop construction will take 30min. approx (i don’t remember the exact time) Then coffee shop generates money after 24hrs. That’s why it’s very time taking.
  3. Angry Birds : I like the simple one. It’s a good game for fun, but speaking honestly i didn’t like much this game. Good if you have nothing to play. And also if you like shooting pigs with birds.
  4. Unicorn Dash : Simple, but awesome game. You will surely love this game. There is nothing much features or graphics. It’s a simple concept based game, where you have to run a unicorn and pass through hurdles.
  5. Amazing Alex : I personally like this game, it’s good, it’s by rovio (the same company which made angry birds). It’s more like a game based  on physics, but still can  be played by everyone.
  6. World of Goo : First time  i played this game was on PC. And when i came to know that they have released for tablets, i played this game on my android tablet. It’s one of the best puzzler game.
  7. Cut the Rope : The best thing in this game is it’s graphics and design. Absolutely nailed it. It’s a casual game which can be played by all age group.
  8. N.O.V.A. 3 : A game by Gameloft, one of my favorite company when it comes to games. It is the best first person shooter game on android. It’s similar to you can say, Call of duty.
  9. Guns & Glory : First ever played by me on symbian platform, i loved this so much that i am playing this game from last three years. Best strategy game. MUST HAVE !!
  10. Shadowgun : When it comes to visual, Shadowgun beats all. It has got the best visual in playstore.It’s simple, enter the arena, kill bad guys go to next level. Sounds boring !!! But it will be fun, when you will the graphics.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Misty on January 8, 2013 at 5:38 am

    I played time temple run in android and it was awesome.


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