Top Gadgets of 2012

Here i am providing you with the list of some gadgets that i have used and sorted by myself to share with you. Lists starts from –

  1. iPhone5 : The most awaited gadgets of 2012. Having 4 inch screen, slim and sleek design and ios6, this phone has proved be the daddy of all phones…It broke plethora of smartphones sales.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III : The only phone which has got nerves to stood up against iPhones5. Simple look, slim design, packed with lots of lots of features, this phone has got huge rave reviews and has been appreciated across the world. When it comes to buy best smartphones packed with bundles of features, Samsung is the only name that comes in the mind of buyer.
  3. Nexus7 : Google initiative to tablet market. Although it seems to be a competitor of ipad, not because of features but because of low price of 199$. This tab is going to revolutionize whole industry.
  4. Microsoft Surface : With success of Windows 8 , Microsoft has decided to put his hand on the market of tablet with this beautiful and innovative Surface Tablet packed with windows 8. What i think that it may not succeed much, but it has atleast laid a foundation on which it can build it’s feature. Personally, i like this tablet.
  5. iPad Mini : As people are more shifting to cheaper tablets and tablets which can be easily handled, Apple couldn’t be far behind, it has launched iPad Mini which is a bit cheaper than Apple others Tablet range. Slick design, perfect look, portable and good features. It is surely going to hit the market.
  6. Samsung Galaxy Camera : Yes! Samsung has introduced android into a camera. And not only having android makes it outstanding, but you can check your emails and upload photos without cables or wi-fi. Yes!!! Without wi-fi. It’s has sim slot. That’s a killer camera.
  7. Nokia Pureview : Personally, this is the only phone in 2012 which i think deserve the award of ‘BEST  INNOVATION’. Really, guys nokia has done really a great effort in bringing the pureview technology into a compact phone. The only disadvantage of this phone is that it runs on Symbian. Otherwise, this phone worth buying. And if you are a photographer, this phone is for you. Now, what i am waiting to see the impact which Nokia is going to have when it will fuse the pureview with Lumia. Yes!! That’s what we are waiting for LUMIA WITH PUREVIEW.

Note :- This is not for ranking purpose or comparison, this is my personal views on gadgets that i came across in 2012.

If you know if i am missing something, please share with us. More coming soon.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by gadgetfreako on January 6, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Good list. i agree with you


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